How to track your order


STEP 01. Go to a general tracking engine

We recommend 17track as it runs smoothly on most devices.

With 17track you can also translate the tracking information after it's inserted (at the bottom right of the tracking page) to any language you'd like.

STEP 02. Insert the tracking number

The tracking number was sent to your inbox through the Shipment Confirmation email.

STEP 03. The tracking engine will give you all available information!



Your order's journey



Shop High Quality & Official goods and merchandise from Mahou Boutique. Discount coupons and/or store credits can be redeemed at the checkout page.


After completion of payment, you will receive an order confirmation email within 1 day. We receive the items from our partner brands (and stock up on best sellers!)
We quality check and prep each item in our office. Processing time varies between 2 to 12 business days.


We ship the packages to our partner shipping centers and handle customs every day. We will ship them in a magical shipping bag or box! Delivery 7-12 business days with Yanwen Express.


💬 Send us your inquiry to


As mentioned above, we will ship out your order within 1 to 12 business days. Mahou Boutique is a small business that runs a low-inventory and back-order system to provide better prices for our customers.*

*Due to high demand some popular items must be manufactured by the factory again, and that may take some time. We try our best to get said items to your hands fast, but please understand the speed at which the factory works isn’t dependent on us. If further unexpected delays occur we will be sending what we already have first (ONLY after 12 business days), and the remainder in the following shipment. You can request the order to be separated before that, but that may incur extra shipping costs.